The Speaker of the House, Rt Hon David Carter will lead a business delegation to China, visiting Kunming, Hohhot and Beijing.

What is the purpose of the mission?

China is a key destination for our goods exports and an important consumer of New Zealand services. The mission provides a valuable opportunity to strengthen New Zealand’s relationship with China and showcase our agri-tech and horticulture credentials.

Who will take part in the mission?

  • Speaker of the House, Rt Hon David Carter, Ian McKelvie MP, Stuart Nash MP, Eugenie Sage, MP, Peter Paraone MP
  • China’s leaders from the National People’s Congress (NPC)
  • 8 New Zealand businesses and industry groups with interests in China
  • Senior Chinese business leaders
  • New Zealand and Chinese government officials
  • New Zealand and Chinese journalists working in TV, radio, print and online

What are some of the key parts of the programme?

Speaker of the House, Rt Hon David Carter

  • In Anning, Rt Hon David Carter will visit Red Pear Site, a long-term and ongoing project between Plant and Food Research and local partners. 
  • Mr Carter will also undertake networking throughout the visit. Invitees will be a range of New Zealand project partners, local government contacts, research institutions and the business community.
  • Mr Carter will visit Anthura, a Dutch-owned flower breeding and production company that specialises in Orchids and Anthurium. 
  • He will meet with the Inner Mongolia Regional Chairman. 
  • He will also undertake a site visit to Mengyang, China’s second largest sheep raising company, and to Mengniu headquarters and research and development centre. Mengniu is China’s second largest dairy company.
  • Mr Carter will also visit Yili Group’s headquarters and farm. Yili is China’s largest dairy company.

The business delegation

Formal and informal networking events will be held for the business delegation in each city. This is an important opportunity for New Zealand businesses to make connections with Chinese business leaders and with New Zealand industry and government representatives furthering New Zealand’s interests in China.

How were businesses selected to be on the delegation?

  • With China being such an important trading partner for New Zealand we appreciate there will be many companies that would value being a part of this visit, however logistical considerations necessitate the number of delegates be strictly limited.
  • Delegation selection has taken into account the political objectives and areas of focus of the visit, in addition to the opportunities and growth within the markets.
  • Extensive consultation across NZ Inc agencies took place (NZTE, TPK, MFAT, MPI, ENZ) to develop the invitation list.
  • Priority was given to New Zealand companies with commercial deliverables in the programme and those with potential for significant growth in China, or with significant interests in China; that were aligned with the objectives and focus
  • A number of places were also taken up by members of the NZ China Council Executive Board).
  • A further number of New Zealand businesses with in-market representatives were invited to take part in networking functions in each city. Their inclusion was based on their potential to benefit from the focus of the function, and ability to make their own travel arrangements.

Do businesses pay to take part?

  • Businesses pay for their own flights, accommodation and meals, apart from hosted events.
  • The NZ Government covers the cost of ground transportation.
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