Small New Zealand Fishing Town Makes Big Splash in US Marketplace

Starting August 10, the supermarket chain Whole Foods will begin selling the iconic New Zealand Snapper – prized for its golden scales and light blue spots and delicious taste – across the US.

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Savored by chefs and fish enthusiasts, these fish are also unique because each carries the story of a community fully committed to the responsible harvesting of this New Zealand treasure.

From the forty independent boats that fish for the company, to the thirty employees who work at the factory filleting, sorting, and packing the fish, to the staff at Lee Fish USA everyone takes great pride in sustaining the quality of the fish to ensure it stands up to the “Lee Fish" brand.

These small artisan fishing boats brave the harsh New Zealand winter waters for 12-24 hours at a time to catch New Zealand Snapper using the longline fishing method, where a single line with baited hooks is used to selectively pick the fish. In addition to the more sustainable nature of this selective fishing method, it is a preferred alternative to putting out a net or a trawl due to the substantial difference in quality of the fish, boasting a cleaner, less fishy taste and a better, firmer texture.

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