Annabel Langbein's new series launches in Australia

Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook: Through the Seasons screens on 7TWO at 4pm Sundays launching 6 November. 

Annabel has a strong Australian fan base who have been lobbying strongly for the series to screen in Australia, following its top rating performance run on primetime New Zealand television. Meanwhile Annabel’s Free Range Cook series has found great success on American Public television when it recently premiered there.

The new 13-half hour series Through the Seasons follows Annabel throughout an entire year of harvests in her lakeside Wanaka garden, and joins her as she travels the country meeting local characters, sampling seasonal delicacies and cooking simple but delicious meals to share with family and friends.  Her relaxed and engaging personality, resourceful approach to cooking, thirst for adventure and inspiring lifestyle will have viewers asking for more.  “I wanted to celebrate nature’s growing cycles and the rhythm of a year,” she says. “There’s a real freedom in the idea of ‘cooking the landscape’.  

The television series includes cooking segments – outdoors and in her Wanaka kitchen, where she shows how to make her super simple, delicious seasonal recipes, including spicy seafood fritters, raw carrot hummus, domino potatoes and the ultimate banana cake – which have garnered a real following. Annabel’s toolkit of flavours and techniques changes accordingly – from light Asian barbecue dishes and Tex-Mex salads in summer to hearty Middle-Eastern stews and soups in the colder months, there is something here for everyone in every corner of the world.

This series also has more gardening content than the two previous series of The Free Range Cook. In each episode, Annabel demonstrates a quick and clever garden project that will help even the most urban viewers feel reconnected to their environment. She then combines her harvests with a global pantry of flavours and her trademark Fridge Fixings™ to create easy dishes that are big on flavour while, with a few indulgent exceptions, light on fat and sugar. Her signature style meshes perfectly with current food trends. Over more than two decades she has earned an international following for her garden-to-table philosophy and her failsafe recipes, which transform inexpensive seasonal ingredients into dishes with the wow factor, many of which are naturally vegetarian and/or gluten free.

The companion cookbook to the TV series, contains more than 200 new recipes – all the dishes from the TV series and many more. The enormous popularity of Annabel’s Free Range Living annuals which come out each summer and winter, as well as her TV books have made her New Zealand’s best selling author over the last five years.


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