Functional foods

New Zealand has a burgeoning health ingredients, functional foods and nutraceuticals industry, based on expertise as a major producer of healthy, high quality food.

World class science, unique raw materials, excellence in food research, biodiversity, a pristine growing environment, safety and traceability all make this an exciting sector for future investment.

To date, international investors include high profile multinationals such as Asahi Breweries, Cerebos and Heinz.

For investors with leverageable or transferable skills, there are a wide range of opportunities in:

  • marketing, market access
  • distribution and infrastructure
  • expansion into high demand nutraceuticals markets (eg East Asia)
  • research into key high potential products with proven track record (eg manuka honey, blackcurrants)

Products unique to New Zealand

New Zealand has a wide range of unique native plants, animals and marine organisms found nowhere else on Earth. Local manufacturing is more cost effective than other countries.

For the investor interested in this sector there is potential for further research and development in functional foods and health ingredients. Some of these include:

  • Manuka honey - Derived from the New Zealand native manuka tree, this honey is valued for its antibacterial properties. Its benefits are now widely understood and in demand globally.
  • Green‐lipped mussel extract - Used for arthritis treatment and joint mobility, this extract is sought for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is found only in New Zealand.
  • Dairy - New Zealand has seen great consumer success with a range of dairy-derived or related nutraceuticals (primarily using colostrum) and dairy related bacteria (bioactive milk components and probiotics).

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