The various businesses involved in food production all form a key part of the New Zealand economy. From farming, seed supply, and machinery, to processing, productivity-enhancing information technology, and distribution and sales, a significant portion of the country's labour market and income generation is based around agribusiness.

There is great support for businesses in this sector both from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and other industry and Government organisations. 

Agribusiness product and services exports are a valuable addition to New Zealand's food and fibre exports.  One of New Zealand's strengths is being able to develop and operate efficient, cost-effective and ethical food production practices and scientific capability. NZTE's Capital team links investors looking for involvement in this key sector with organisations in all areas of agribusiness, from farming to retail sales.

New Zealand's global reputation in agriculture provides a complementary opportunity in agribusiness products, while its reputation for ethical business dealings underpins confidence in its agriculture and food sectors.

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