Food and beverage

New Zealand is an ideal setting for producing quality foods and beverages because of its temperate climate, high rainfall, clean waters, fertile land, and low density population. It is located on the doorstep of fast-growing Asian and American markets and continues to serve traditional export markets in Europe.

Investing in New Zealand's food and beverage industry gives overseas investors access to the largest manufacturing sub-sector in New Zealand. Export revenues total some $25 billion a year and are fast-growing.

Quality and safety

Food safety is a priority for New Zealand. Stringent biosecurity measures are in place, there are high levels of food traceability, and the country is recognised as being animal disease-free by the World Organization for Animal Health.

In July 2010, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) were amalgamated. The following year, in July 2011, MAF and the Ministry of Fisheries merged to create a single agency spanning the whole of the primary sector. In April 2012, the new ministry became the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

MPI's functions are focused on New Zealand's primary industries and they work to improve the productivity and environmental performance of these sectors, connect them with international markets, manage risk to New Zealand's biological foundations, and provide assurances about the integrity of food and other products.

Nearly 80 percent of the food produced in New Zealand is exported. MPI is committed to providing an effective food regulatory programme that covers food produced and consumed in New Zealand as well as imports and exports of food products.

New Zealand has developed a wide range of systems to process food in a safe, cost effective way, while retaining sensory and nutritional properties. There are immediate opportunities to globally sell these systems.

Export categories

You can read more about New Zealand's high-value food export categories below.

For further reading see ' An Investor's Guide to emerging growth opportunties in NZ food and beverage exports' (PDF).

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