West Coast

The West Coast economy is driven by mining, dairying and tourism. The region has a diverse mineral profile with an established coal and gold mining industry and an expanding onshore oil and gas exploration programme.

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The West Coast is taking advantage of its abundant rainfall to expand its dairy industry, while its microclimates nurture an emerging niche horticultural industry. The region is also an internationally known eco-tourism destination, with extensive areas under conservation protection which support a range of accommodation and tourism operators.

Regional highlights

  • Rich in mineral resources
  • Successful dairy industry
  • Spectacular and diverse scenery
  • Highly export oriented

Areas of opportunity

Capitalising on mineral resources

The West Coast has high quality coal (used in steelmaking) and rich gold deposits, both of which are exported. An opportunity exists to recover and commercialise rare earth minerals. Oil and gas exploration is carried out onshore.

Developing dairy and horticulture

The success of the region’s dairy industry, based on high grass growth, could be leveraged to establish complementary goat farming and milk processing businesses. Global market-linked investment is required to achieve this.

Wilderness and eco-tourism destination

The West Coast is a highly attractive touring and recreational destination for international travellers who pursue natural and wilderness experiences. Investment in eco-tourism and accommodation could further increase visitor numbers.

Download the full regional investor profile below 

How The West Coast Compares

Who to contact

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

For more information on opportunities and guidance about investing in New Zealand, email our investment specialists.

Development West Coast (DWC)

DWC was set up as a trust in 2001 and their focus is to provide a range of assistance and support to the business sector including business mentoring, training opportunities, and programmes and business networking events.

For more information and help in the region, contact DWC.

Sector strengths for the West Coast

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