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The Waikato region is one of the most productive regions in New Zealand, with a prime location and diverse economy providing a springboard for innovation  and opportunity.

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Waikato is an agricultural powerhouse and a key contributor to New Zealand’s dairy industry, as well as offering strengths in manufacturing. Its location within the ‘golden triangle’ connecting Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga makes it a convenient access point for freight and logistics.

There are investible opportunities in dairy processing, high-value manufacturing and expansion of Waikato’s logistics infrastructure.

Regional highlights

  • Dairy production powerhouse
  • High-value manufacturing
  • Key logistics location
  • Agri-technology innovation

Areas of opportunity

High-value manufacturing

Waikato’s strong and innovative agricultural technology and aviation industries have driven the development of a vibrant manufacturing base, creating investible opportunities in new products and technologies. 

Expanding logistics hub

The Waikato region is centrally located on a nationally significant infrastructure corridor. Primary production and manufacturing exports are transported via major sea ports at Tauranga and Auckland. The $100 million Waikato Expressway will create the key strategic corridor for the Waikato region, and will solidify Waikato’s position as a logistics hub. 

Added-value dairy products

Dairy farming productivity increases are creating further growth capacity which, combined with the availability of industrial land, offers investment opportunities in high-value dairy processing.

Download the full regional investor profile below

Who to contact

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

For more information on opportunities and guidance about investing in New Zealand, email our investment specialists.

Waikato Chamber of Commerce

The Waikato Chamber of Commerce supports sustainable and profitable business growth in the region and is the first point of contact for investors.

For more information and help in the region, contact the Waikato Chamber of Commerce.

Sector strengths for Waikato

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