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Taranaki is New Zealand’s petroleum energy hub, as well as an important dairy and food processing centre.

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The region’s well-established petrochemical industry has created an internationally focused economy, with a strong network of engineering and technical businesses derived from the oil and gas industry, and reaching into a wide range of other specialised sectors.

Taranaki is continuing to expand and diversify its capabilities in oil and gas, engineering industries, food processing and added-value animal by-products. This is creating attractive investment opportunities. 

Regional highlights

  • Oil and gas hub
  • Food processing centre
  • Global engineering expertise
  • High living standards 

Areas of opportunity

Capitalising on natural resources

Taranaki's oil and gas sector is geared to take advantage of further discoveries of oil and gas, both locally and across New Zealand. There is also potential for investment in services that support the industry.

Added-value animal products

Taranaki's growing bio-extracts and secondary processing sectors offer investors an opportunity to further develop added-value products associated with the meat and dairy industries.

Growth in engineering

Taranaki is internationally recognised for innovation, sophistication and cost-effectiveness in engineering. Investment in infrastructure at Port Taranaki and leveraging readily available engineering expertise creates an ideal environment for specialised engineering investment, to serve the oil and gas industry and other high-value customers in New Zealand or worldwide

Download the full regional investor profile below

Who to contact

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

For more information on opportunities and guidance about investing in New Zealand, email our investment specialists

Venture Taranaki 

Venture Taranaki is the region's economic development agency and works with individuals, businesses, clusters and industries to grow the Taranaki region. It offers a free, commercially-neutral point of contact for investors to discuss ideas, obtain information and referrals. 

For more information and help in the region, contact Venture Taranaki

Sector strengths for Taranaki

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