Otago is a leading region for tourism, agriculture, superior wool production, horticulture, winemaking, design technology and specialised manufacturing.

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Dunedin, the region’s capital, is home to the University of Otago, which is in the top echelon of the world’s universities. Enhanced infrastructure at the University is creating investible opportunities in advanced manufacturing and health technologies. Dunedin was the winner of New Zealand’s 13-month-long Gigatown competition, becoming the first
town to receive Internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second, the fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Central Otago’s Queenstown is a world-famous tourist hub offering investment opportunities in hotel, tourism ventures and conference facilities.

Regional highlights

  • World-renowned tourism
  • Centre of higher learning
  • High-value manufacturing
  • International container port

Areas of opportunity

Premium research, design and engineering

Otago offers attractive investment opportunities in education and learning, design technology, and niche manufacturing. The region’s university, polytechnic and support agencies partner to develop an export-focused cluster in design technology and niche manufacturing. Gigabit internet speed offers opportunities for businesses including faster file sharing, rapid download and upload speeds, potential for increased innovation, and cost-efficient Internet-based backup systems for large data.

Global tourist hub

Otago is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s premier year-round lake and alpine resort and ecotourism destinations. Significant growth in visitor numbers over the last 5 years has driven a need for further international investment in hotel and convention infrastructure. Current demand and supply projections indicate that Queenstown’s hotel sector will be increasingly supply-constrained over the next decade, resulting in annual occupancy rates approaching 90 percent in 2025.

High quality fruit and wine

Otago is recognised for its boutique red and white varietal wines, and for its stone and pipfruit. A recently expanded $48 million irrigation scheme will unlock further investment opportunities in horticulture and viticulture, as well as associated food and beverage processing.

Download the full regional investor profile below

How Otago Compares

Who to contact

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

For more information on opportunities and guidance about investing in New Zealand, email our investment specialists.

Enterprise Dunedin

Enterprise Dunedin plays a coordinating role with Otago’s other regional economic development agencies and is the first point of contact for investors, entrepreneurs, skilled migrants and the business community. 

For more information and help in the region, contact Enterprise Dunedin here.

Sector strengths for Otago

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