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Find out which New Zealand region matches your investment interests by comparing each region's sector strengths and how these are supported by the region's workforce, raw materials, services and infrastructure.

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    New Zealand

    New Zealand's 15 regional investor profiles are accessible from the headings below or through this New Zealand-wide 'regions of opportunity e-book'.
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    Northland has a diverse economy with strengths in pastoral farming and processing, forestry, horticulture, manufacturing, marine engineering and energy.
  • Auckland Web 220X120px


    Auckland is the engine room of New Zealand’s economy, and is predicted to grow faster than most other developed cities for some decades.
  • Waikato Web 220X120px


    The Waikato region is one of the most productive regions in New Zealand, with a prime location and diverse economy providing a springboard for innovation and opportunity.
  • Bayofplenty Web 220X120px

    Bay of Plenty

    The wider Bay of Plenty includes Tauranga, the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, and Taupō. It is New Zealand’s heartland of geothermal energy, forestry, horticulture, agriculture and Māori tourism, with direct road and rail links to New Zealand’s largest international port, the Port of Tauranga.
  • Gisborne Web 220X120px


    The Tairāwhiti-Gisborne region has significant industry strengths in sheep, beef and grain farming as well as horticulture and forestry and wood product manufacturing.
  • Taranaki Web 220X120px


    Taranaki is New Zealand’s petroleum energy hub, as well as an important dairy and food processing centre.
  • Hawkesbay Web 220X120px

    Hawke's Bay

    Hawke's Bay is a premium global producer, processor and exporter of primary products - beef, lamb, fruit and vegetables, forest products and wine.
  • Manawatuwhanganui Web 220X120px


    Manawatu-Whanganui’s strength is in primary production and agricultural research, driving the local economy and contributing significantly to New Zealand’s dairy and meat industries.
  • Marlborough Web 220X120px


    Marlborough hosts a wide range of business and investment opportunities in food and beverage, tourism and other high-value industries, all within an area of striking natural beauty.
  • Wellington Web 220X120px


    The Wellington region is the centre of New Zealand’s knowledge-based and creative industries and is home to the country’s capital city.
  • Nelson Web 220X120px

    Nelson - Tasman

    Located at the northern tip of the South Island, Nelson-Tasman is a nationally significant area for primary production within New Zealand, accompanied by high technology, innovation and strong tourism potential.
  • Canterbury Web 220X120px


    Canterbury is a place where change and innovation have been embraced, creating a strong economy and a vibrant place to live.
  • Otago Web 220X120px


    Otago is a leading region for tourism, agriculture, superior wool production, horticulture, winemaking, design technology and specialised manufacturing.
  • Westcoast Web 220X120px

    West Coast

    The West Coast economy is driven by mining, dairying and tourism. The region has a diverse mineral profile with an established coal and gold mining industry and an expanding onshore oil and gas exploration programme.
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