Opening and closing greetings for letters or emails

This section offers a few suggestions for people who wish to open and close their letters and/or emails with a simple but appropriate expression in Māori.

Dear Sir/Madam Tēnā koe
Dear Sir/Madam E te rangatira, tēnā koe
Dear Sir/Madam Tēnā koe e te rangatira
Dear Sir/Madam Kei te rangatira, tēnā koe

Rangatira has a range of meanings, including chief, male or female and is a generally accepted way of expressing the idea of Sir or Madam in Māori.

When writing or addressing two people  Tēnā kōrua
When writing or a ddressing three or more people Tēnā koutou
When addressing the head of an organisation Tēnā koe e te k aiha ut ū

Kaihautū is the leader who gives time to the rowers in a canoe.

If you are writing a follow - up letter, use Tē nā anō (koe)

Three basic phrases can be used to conclude a letter or email

Goodbye for now  He i konā mai
Goodbye and thank you  Hei konā mai i roto i ngā mihi
Many thanks  Aku mihi nui ki a koe

Signing Off

Yours faithfully  Nāku nā
Your sincerely  Nāku noa, nā


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