The Regional Business Partner network is made up of 14 regional organisations that provide information and advice to New Zealand businesses looking to grow and innovate.

Regional Business Partners have specialist business advisors available to help business owners and managers identify opportunities to grow their business, access expertise and mentoring services, and support research and development activities.

They provide advice, information, referrals and connections to any business seeking support on their growth journey.

If you are a business seeking advice and support to help you innovate or grow, get in touch with your local Regional Business Partner and have a conversation about where to next.

You can contact your local partner by registering as a ‘New Business User’ on the Regional Business Partners website, or you can find a partner in your region at the end of this page.

Business Mentors NZ

Business Mentors New Zealand Limited is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the success and growth of small businesses through the knowledge and experience of our volunteer mentors.

Business Mentoring for Existing Businesses

The Business Mentoring Programme provides 12 months of confidential one-on-one advice for owners of small and medium-sized businesses who want to grow or need help to solve specific business challenges. For more information visit the Business Mentors NZ website

Start-up Mentoring

The Start-up Business Mentoring Programme provides six months of accelerated mentoring for people who have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business. Read more about the programme

If you want to access a Business Mentors NZ services you can either register your details with Business Mentors NZ or contact your local Regional Business Partner.

NZTE Capability Development Vouchers

If you have aspirations to grow your business you might also be eligible for an NZTE Capability Development Voucher, which is offered through the Regional Business Partners network.

NZTE Capability Development Vouchers are available to businesses to use as partial payment towards the cost of capability development and training in the following areas:

  • business planning
  • business systems
  • business sustainability
  • capital raising
  • export
  • finance
  • governance
  • lean manufacturing / business operations
  • managing resources
  • marketing.

Is my business eligible to access a Capability Development Voucher?

To be eligible for a voucher a business must:

  • be operating with 50 or fewer FTEs
  • be GST registered in New Zealand
  • be operating in a commercial environment – i.e. you’re currently trading
  • be privately owned or a Maori Trust or Incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership
  • have undergone assessment by a Regional Business Partner.

Business should also:

  • have the potential and desire to grow
  • demonstrate commitment to improving management capability - indicators of commitment include seeking advice, working through the assessment process, and a willingness to co-fund and commit time to capability-building activities
  • have an identified gap in its capability that can be addressed through management capability building and training.

To access the Capability Development Vouchers you must first meet with your local Regional Business Partner. Get in touch by registering as a ‘New Business User’ on the Regional Business Partners website, or contact your local partner using the regional contact details below.


Capability Development Vouchers are used to co-fund up to 50 percent of capability development training up to a maximum of $5,000 per year per business. The business must pay at least half of the training costs.

Callaghan Innovation research & development support and funding

Whether you're a small start-up or an established exporter embarking on R&D for the first time, our Regional Business Partners will connect you with the right expertise.

The Regional Business Partners can also help businesses access R&D grant funding from Callaghan Innovation.

Further information is available from Callaghan Innovation’s website.

How do I find out more?

Further information about other support available to businesses can be found at

Regional Business Partners by region

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