We provide access to a range of services to give you the tools and skills needed to successfully take on the world.

Our services are designed to help you grow and succeed internationally. They give you focused assistance in four core areas: understanding your customers, strengthening your business, increasing your sales and funding your growth.

We align our services with different stages of a business lifecycle - from starting and growing a business, through to exporting and operating internationally. We work together with our customers to understand, discover, plan and review their needs against the right fit service, for that time.

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Who we work with:

Our partners are:

  • Beachheads advisors – Private sector advisors based in New Zealand and around the world who act as mentors for participating Beachheads companies, and provide insights into the realities of growing internationally successful businesses.
  • Callaghan Innovation – A Crown entity that helps businesses turn ideas into internationally marketable products and services more quickly and successfully. 
  • Regional Business Partners - A network of 14 regional organisations that provide information and advice to New Zealand businesses looking to grow and innovate. 
  • New Zealand Export Credit Office – Provides financial guarantee products for New Zealand exporters and helps them manage risk and capitalise on trade opportunities around the globe.
  • Kea New Zealand – A not-for-profit organisation that provides advice, support and introductions through a global network of expat Kiwis. 
  • Immigration New Zealand – Highly skilled migrants play a critical role in New Zealand’s business growth. Immigration New Zealand has the people, products and services to help every step of the way.
  • The New Zealand Story - A free online toolkit that provides a simple set of brand values, images, videos and presentations that can help define your value proposition and promote your business offshore. Available to any New Zealand business.
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