Preparing to export

Once you have taken the decision to export, it's important to put together a plan, aware that plans will usually change.

  • Preparing for research and development

    Developing new products helps keep your company relevant and competitive. Get information on how you go about it, and how to reduce the risks that come with investing in R&D.
  • Preparing your operations

    Familiarising yourself with freight and labelling requirements will smooth the way when it comes to sending your products overseas.
  • Preparing your leadership and people

    Knowing how to create good a governance structure, and how to hire the right people at the right stage of your business journey, is crucial for success.
  • Preparing your export finance

    Get tips on money matters - getting paid, tax considerations and approaching investors.
  • Preparing your marketing and sales

    Marketing, branding and promotional tactics can give you the edge over your competitors along with a well-articulated business pitch and excellent customer support.
  • Preparing your strategy

    Knowing who your competitors are, and recognising potential risks, will help you succeed in a new market.
  • Preparing for your markets

    Researching your markets before you start exporting will greatly reduce the risk of making costly mistakes.
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