Digital marketing

Not so long ago, digital was a nice-to-have, but not anymore. According to the United Nations specialist digital agency, ITU, almost three billion people – 40 percent of the world’s population – are using the internet. 

Digital marketing is essential if you want to grow your company and reach international audiences. It places the consumer at the centre of your business – whatever you’re selling.

Businesses wanting to build a global enterprise need a digital marketing strategy because today’s consumers – whether they are end users, distributors or suppliers - won’t wait; they have instant access to information and they expect a response.

To survive and thrive in such a dynamic environment, businesses need to understand the opportunities of the digital market. You need to be clear about why you are in business. You need to know how you will respond to your customers’ needs – in the ways that customers identify as relevant to them.

It’s not just about marketing though – the digital space can help you connect directly with your customers, gaining valuable feedback and insights that can help you tweak your business practices and improve the customer experience.

It’s also a brilliant way to build your team ethos. How? A digital approach opens up the opportunity for everyone along the value chain to have oversight of internal processes – and offer constructive suggestions for improvement, which could also improve your bottom line.


Dig deeper

  • Digital strategy

    Today’s savvy consumers engage with brands through multiple channels using multiple devices. To stay one step ahead and be successful, a business needs a digital strategy with clear goals to maintain focus.
  • Websites

    A website’s greatest advantage is that it provides your customers with an opportunity to connect with you whenever they want and wherever they are. Effectively your website is your universal ‘shop front’ – and it’s open 24/7.
  • Improving visibility online

    Having your website up and running is one thing. Ensuring people find it is another.
  • E-commerce – selling online

    The e-commerce terrain is rapidly moving and you need to be aware of market movements such as the importance of mobile commerce.
  • Email marketing

    Even though it’s the ‘old kid’ on the block, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools and offers a number of advantages over social media marketing.
  • Digital Business Academy V2

    Digital Business Academy

    Previously only available to UK residents, Digital Business Academy has now made it possible for New Zealand residents to also access the online courses*. All you need is a New Zealand postal code to register.
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