Market feasibility

If you’re thinking of exporting to a new geographical market, research is the first and most important step in your preparation.

Why take the time to conduct research? Because every market is unique and different to New Zealand. There are geographical and cultural complexities, size and regional variations, and different rules and regulations.

The best way to get a feel for a market is to actually go there. Meeting potential customers and partners in the market, assessing local trends first hand, and checking out the local competition will provide you with invaluable market intelligence.

Before you go, start by doing some simple research at home. Search competitor websites, join industry associations, and read industry-based news articles and blogs to get a baseline understanding of the local market before you commit.

If you still believe your export opportunity is viable, it’s time to find out more about how to check the feasibility of your market.

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    How to research a market

    Whether you're planning to enter your first market, or your fifth, good research is a critical step in your preparation for export success.

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    Identifying your target market

    Find the best market to help you reach your export potential.

  • Competitor analysis

    Determine if you can realistically compete in a new market by understanding your competitors.

  • Can you make any money?

    Before exporting, it's important to work out whether you can make enough profit to cover your costs, and be rewarded for the financial risk and hard work of entering an export market.

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