Growing your recruitment strategies

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Recruiting people in your target market can be tricky. Firstly, even if you find them you may not be able to afford the best of the best, and budgets could dictate that you target ‘low hanging fruit’. 

Avoiding the pitfalls

While some candidates may look perfect on paper, they can fall short for various reasons, eg their references are ‘creative’ (provided by friends or family). It is difficult to reference check or verify valid experience when you’re not in the same country.

A poor hire can take years to come to light and cost your business dearly, so it really does pay to do everything you can to avoid it.

Here are some tips to help you hire the right person in overseas markets.

  • Be creative with payment - incentive-based schemes and small amounts of equity can help you secure someone you may initially think is out of your league.
  • Research recruitment consultancies in the target market - don’t just choose the biggest, but one that specialises in your field.
  • Be prepared to travel to meet candidates - nothing is as effective as a face-to-face judgment.
  • Beware of phony references – if you can’t cross-check, don’t hire.
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