Taste NZ Supermarket Promotions, East Asia

Taste NZ's exclusive in-store promotional events are held in supermarket chains throughout Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

These events help to raise the visibility of New Zealand products, drive in-market sales and provide an opportunity to get closer to consumers and connect with supermarket decision-makers. 

Taste NZ aims to help increase the number of high-value food and beverage (F&B) SKUs in retail outlets. In many cases SKUs promoted via Taste NZ events become permanent listings.


When: Throughout the year

Where: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia

Participation criteria: You must hold any required product registrations for the market/s where you wish to take part. Having an existing in-market distributor or logistics provider is strongly encouraged.

Who should participate? Companies wanting to expand their in-market presence in East Asian markets, and those looking to get their products into retail outlets.

Registration deadline: 30 May 2017

Why participate?

Taste NZ aims to help you gain scale, visibility and credibility in supermarkets by marketing under the New Zealand brand.

Depending on location, support can includes in-store banners, supporting advertising, product sampling, and PR and social media campaigns before and during the promotion and consumer competitions.

Taste NZ helps participants to:

  • achieve greater visual impact on the shelf during the promotion by positioning New Zealand products as fresh, innovative and safe in the minds of consumers
  • test SKUs and brand in-store, with the aim of increasing the number of participants' products stocked after the promotion is complete
  • potentially establish permanent listings with leading supermarket chains
  • develop long-term relationships with key decision-makers
  • gain insights from buyers and consumers for future product development

There is no fee to participate in a Taste NZ event, though New Zealand companies often pay for in-store sampling, supporting advertising or price discounts run during the promotion.

About Taste NZ

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) has worked with a wide range of supermarkets as part of Taste NZ, including:

  • Singapore: Fairprice, Coldstorage
  • Thailand: Tesco, TOPS Supermarket, Villa Market
  • Malaysia: Aeon, GCH/Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer
  • Vietnam: Lazada online

Taste NZ Thailand will hold promotions at Central Food Retail in May 2017 and at Tesco Lotus in June 2017.

In Japan, NZTE has delivered Taste NZ activities with up to 15 co-op supermarkets across the country, including mid-sized family owned chains with strong franchises in regional cities, and regional chains and home delivery services run by the Japanese Consumer Co-Operative Union.

Taste NZ promotions generally range from one to two weeks' duration, with an average of 17 promotions per year. If you register interest for Taste NZ, you will receive information on all events as the timetable develops.

For the Taste NZ promotions you want to participate in, our in-market Business Development Managers will contact you with options around sampling and other ways you can participate.

Promotions are negotiated each year, and the participating supermarkets may change. Supermarkets also have the final choice as to whether new SKUs can be added to a Taste NZ promotion, and whether SKUs will be permanently listed afterwards.

For more information about Taste New Zealand, please email our team

What Taste NZ meant for NZ Hothouse

"It allowed us to secure valuable shelf space in a premium Japanese supermarket chain. As a result of this fair Odakyu OX will again stock our tomatoes from mid-December 2014. We fully recommend these NZTE activities to other New Zealand exporters as an extremely effective way for establishing products in Japan's retail market."

- Simon Watson, Managing Director, NZ Hothouse Ltd

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