General enquiries - FAQs

I want to find funding assistance to grow my business

NZTE works to support companies through a range of programmes and services matched to the business and its needs. As such, we do not offer any stand-alone grants or funding direct to companies. Sometimes, we offer limited funding as part of our programme of support for companies that we already work with intensively, but we aim to deliver value in other ways first before funding is considered.

If you are looking at grants and incentives that are currently available elsewhere to help grow your business, you may wish to check through the guide to grants and incentives at These include funding options for training and business development, as well as export finance guarantees to assist exporters. You can also call 0800 42 49 46 to speak to the team directly.

For funding support related to research and development, the Ministry of Business and Innovation and Employment's online Fund Finder can help. 

If you'd like to discuss how NZTE can support your business and export plans generally, please call us on 0800 555 888 or email us

I am looking for information on a specific export market

Have you checked the information on our website? We have a wealth of information about export markets packed with facts, figures, tips and other insights designed to help you research a market and prepare your business for market entry.

We also publish research on specific industries within an export market

If you'd like further information on an export market, or want to discuss your export plans generally, please call us on 0800 555 888 or email us

I want to work for NZTE or find out about careers with NZTE

NZTE manages all recruitment for domestic and international positions through our online Careers Centre. To find more information about current vacancies, or submit applications, please visit the Careers Centre.

You can register and upload your CV and information directly to the Careers Centre system. As we can't anticipate future vacancies, you can also set up email alerts from the Careers Centre to notify you when new vacancies are listed.

I want to find work in New Zealand

NZTE doesn't offer direct matching for individuals seeking opportunities with New Zealand businesses.

If you're currently based in New Zealand, you can find most vacancies on online careers sites. If you are interested in working with companies focused on a particular overseas market or a particular industry, contacting business councils or business chambers, or local industry associations, is a useful way to locate contacts and find opportunities.

If you're considering emigrating to New Zealand for work, the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, in association with New Zealand Immigration, administer a website called New Kiwis, which helps connect skilled migrants with New Zealand companies. This service is free to international job seekers. You can register online

I want to buy New Zealand products or services

NZTE does not provide a direct business matching service, but there are a number of resources which you can use to search for New Zealand companies in your sector of interest.

These online business directories are a good starting point:

Kompass New Zealand 
New Zealand Search 

You can find information regarding suppliers of commonly requested New Zealand products below:

Food and beverage products

You may find the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development's Food and Beverage Directory  a useful source. This directory includes over 1,100 New Zealand companies, including food producers, exporters, retailers and distributors.

Meat and animal products

Please refer to Beef + Lamb New Zeland's Meat Directory, which includes companies sorted by products and export markets.

Dairy products

You may wish to initially contact member companies associated with the Dairy Company Association of New Zealand (DCANZ), which has a list of DCANZ members on its website.

Natural products and health supplements

For health products or natural products from New Zealand, you may wish to contact member companies associated with the Natural Products New Zealand (NPNZ) organisation. A list of NPNZ members can be found on its website.


New Zealand Winegrowers represents most New Zealand vineyards and wine businesses and promotes New Zealand wine internationally. The New Zealand Winegrowers' website has a list of wineries and contact details.

New Zealand's chambers of commerce can give you information about the New Zealand business environment and local businesses, and some also offer a business matching service for trade enquiries. To make contact with chambers of commerce please visit the New Zealand chamber network.

If you have further questions or would like to connect with NZTE directly regarding a trade enquiry, please fill out our contact form. 

I want to sell my products or services to buyers in New Zealand

NZTE works primarily with New Zealand firms wanting to export products and services, rather than with overseas suppliers wanting to import into New Zealand.

We recommend working with your country's trade or export development agency if you are seeking assistance to export products or services to New Zealand.

If you are interested in identifying buyers for your products or services, New Zealand online business directories may be useful:

A Courts 
Kompass New Zealand 
New Zealand Search 

I want to start up or develop my business in New Zealand

If you are starting out in business in New Zealand, one of the best places to start is the Biz Information Service, provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and supported by NZTE. This service provides information and advice, including important compliance and regulatory information, for people starting a new business or looking to grow an existing business. To access this service call Bizinfo on 0800 42 49 46 (from within New Zealand) or visit

To help local businesses grow, NZTE works with economic development agencies around the country under our Regional Business Partner network. Regional partners provide local support for businesses looking to grow, and can help you assess your business, develop an action plan for growth, and link you with training, information or other services that meet your business needs.

Business Mentors New Zealand delivers a business mentoring programme that is partly funded by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). Find out more about mentoring

Entrepreneurs looking to turn ideas into businesses with global potential may benefit from participating in a business incubator. Entrepreneurs that are accepted into NZTE-funded incubators receive a tailored programme of support.

Find out more about the programmes and services NZTE offers.

I want to find out about visa and immigration requirements for New Zealand

New Zealand immigration legislation requires that anyone providing advice on immigration to New Zealand must be licensed for that purpose. As a result, NZTE cannot give advice on immigration matters.

To find out more about requirements to visit, work or live in New Zealand, please contact Immigration New Zealand

You can find a searchable list of immigration advisers on the website of the Immigration Advisors Authority

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