Our culture

Our passion is helping companies grow internationally for the benefit of New Zealand. Our customer satisfaction currently sits at 97 percent and our employee engagement sits at 81 percent.

We are determined to keep lifting the bar on our performance. We constantly seek to improve and innovate - change is the only constant.

The most common descriptors our people use when talking about what it’s like to work for NZTE include:

  • having a passion for helping New Zealand businesses succeed internationally
  • challenging work
  • diversity of responsibility
  • working with great people in a fun and secure environment. 

No matter which area of NZTE you sit in, this clear purpose can be felt in the most enthusiastic way. We love our work and our customers - their amazing stories of global success inspire us every day!

Our commitment to diversity

We recognise that our customers and the markets we operate in are diverse. We are also mindful that our unique New Zealand-ness is something to be celebrated not least of all the contribution the Maori economy makes to our overall success.

We encourage diversity of thought and that comes from - among other things - embracing those who have backgrounds that are different to the majority.

How we work

One Team and Our Characters

The spirit and characters of NZTE is core to everything we do. 'One Team, Agile, Astute and Adventurous' drives our behaviours and our goals so we can provide services that drive growth and add value to our customers.

Collaboration and working as One Team with our NZ Inc Partners helps us leverage capability across Government to help Kiwi businesses grow and attract investment into New Zealand.

We embrace technology so that no matter where we are in the world, we are One. 

Learning and development

We look for people who are committed to ongoing development, to challenge themselves to keep learning and deepening their skill base. With the guidance and support from your managers, you can learn more, achieve more and be more successful for the organisation, our customers and – ultimately – your own career.

Recognising great team work

Working across teams, cultures and countries to deliver impact under tight timelines can be challenging. Our Pounamu Awards, which are named after the semi-precious greenstone gathered in New Zealand riverbeds, recognise individual or team based actions that embody our spirit and character. 

Our employees around the world nominate teams or individuals for the awards to celebrate the difference we’ve made and acknowledge the contribution of others.

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