Role profiles

Find out about some of our roles here at NZTE and the core skills needed.

Customer Manager

Our Customer Managers represent the face of NZTE with New Zealand companies and are the representatives for New Zealand companies within NZTE. They work with New Zealand companies and collaborate with the broader NZTE team and our network of experts to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing New Zealand business capability, growth and internationalisation.


As the primary contact for customers, Customer Managers work with companies to develop an international growth plan. They identify key areas that NZTE can work in partnership with them to grow, and develop a high quality engagement plan, outlining actions and right-fit services. This plan is reviewed every 120 days to ensure NZTE is accountable for deliverables and supporting the customer’s growth outcomes.

Core skills

Customer Managers:

  • work directly with companies to help them grow internationally
  • have exceptional ability to combine New Zealand business needs with commercial savvy as a result of having ‘been there, done that’
  • can build credible and collaborative internal and external relationships for a successful 'One Team' approach
  • can create a growth strategy and deliver this strategy to the highest quality.

Trade Commissioner

The primary purpose of Trade Commissioners is to create opportunities that enable New Zealand companies to grow and internationalise. They do this by providing exceptional team leadership and proactively building strategic relationships with business stakeholders.


Trade Commissioners are the market-based representatives for New Zealand business interests. They have three key objectives: 

  • understanding New Zealand business needs and creating opportunities that will enable companies to grow and internationalise
  • providing exceptional leadership and coaching to a team of highly engaged market based experts
  • establishing key strategic relationships with business stakeholders in-market.

Core skills

Trade Commissioners demonstrate:

  • proven experience leading a successful team - including budget management and strategic planning experience. 
  • thorough knowledge of how businesses work including understanding of exporting and strategies to be successful on a global scale. 
  • the ability to represent New Zealand effectively in a wide range of settings. This includes effectively working with politicians, Ministers, officials, host government agencies, other missions, expatriate New Zealanders and the media.
  • experience working with different cultures and the ability to manage all kinds of people effectively and equitably. 
  • comprehensive knowledge of  New Zealand’s commercial capability - including keeping up to date on current and possible future policies, practices, trends, technology and information affecting business. 
  • ability to operate effectively remotely while ensuring collaboration as part of a larger global team.  
  • a relevant tertiary qualification or have demonstrated expertise through past work experience. 
  • international experience with the ability to operate successfully in different cultures.  
  • ideally have fluency in a language other than English. 

Trade Commissioners also sometimes assume the responsibilities of Consul General in certain locations. These appointments are made in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers help New Zealand businesses establish and grow internationally by providing market insight and consultancy advice. They do this by collaborating with peers and key in-market stakeholders on initiatives that support business and industry growth.


A Business Development Manager’s primary focus is to work with New Zealand companies to achieve success in market, and contribute positively to the planning process by recommending strategies that result in the desired growth and internationalisation. To do this they use their comprehensive understanding of establishing and expanding businesses in another market.

Core skills

Business Development Managers:

  • understand the complexities of establishing and growing a foreign business in the local market
  • have up to date knowledge of local market conditions, trends and strategic drivers relevant to their customers
  • build credible and collaborative internal and external relationships for a successful 'One Team' approach
  • have the know-how to set up and access in-market networks and channels in both commercial and political spheres.
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