Meet the team

Meet some of the people who work at NZTE and find out what motivates them in their jobs. You can also read more about the people who work at NZTE in the About Us section

  • Ralph Hayes - TC

    VIDEO: Ralph Hays

    Ralph Hays is the Trade Commissioner Brazil and Consul General Sao Paulo, where he leads initiatives to build country ties and help New Zealand companies interested in prospecting and investing in the Brazilian market.
  • Dale Stephens - CM

    VIDEO: Dale Stephens

    Dale Stephens is a Customer Manager specialising in Māori business where he works with Māori businesses to help the Māori economy, and New Zealand, grow.
  • Ivy Padilla - GT

    VIDEO: Ivy Padilla

    Ivy Padilla is one of the global trainers at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and explains why she loves her role and the diversity of cultures she's exposed to.
  • Daniel Taylor - TC

    VIDEO: Daniel Taylor

    Daniel Taylor is the Trade Commissioner in London and describes what he likes most about New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's philosophy.
  • Andrew Gentle - SA

    VIDEO: Andrew Gentle

    Andrew Gentle is an Advisor for Strategic Development, helping make sure that the organisation focuses on on the right 'big picture' objectives.
  • Nicola Cogswell

    AUDIO: Nicola Cogswell

    Nicola gives her candid view on what it is like to work for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as a Business Analyst based in Auckland.
  • Megan Hurnard - DP

    VIDEO: Megan Hurnard

    Megan Hurnard is Director of Performance. Over the past 11 years in the organisation, Megan has experienced different roles across multiple departments as her career has evolved, and has enjoyed the dynamic nature of the organisation.
  • Nick Dobson - IM

    VIDEO: Nick Dobson

    Nick Dobson is an Investment Manager in the Capital team. What's really impressed him about New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is its 'get out there and make a difference' culture.
  • HR Shots 2013 7

    Mohit Misquitta

    NZTE was Customer Manager Mohit Misquitta's first job in New Zealand.
  • Sean Moore

    VIDEO: Sean Moore

    Sean Moore shares his thoughts on what a BDM does at NZTE and what he enjoys most about his New York based job.
  • Joanna Guelland

    VIDEO: Joanna Guelland

    Joanna Guelland shares insights into her previous role as NZTE's Business Development Manager for the Northern European markets, and what made the job so interesting.
  • Hannah Lee-Darboe

    Hannah Lee-Darboe

    Hannah says that the chance to help New Zealand companies grow internationally and the diversity of opportunities within the organisation was what attracted her to NZTE.
  • Nadia Alcantara

    VIDEO: Nadia Alcantara

    Nadia Alcantara is a Business Development Manager in Sao Paulo, Brazil in Agribusiness. Listen to Nadia explain her day-to-day work, what her current objectives are and what she loves about working for NZTE.
  • Peter Moller

    Peter Moller

    Business Development Manager, Hamburg
  • Lauren Bartlett - seated

    Lauren Bartlett

    Regional Marketing and Communications Manager, Singapore
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