Oil and gas

Trusted by major players in the industry, New Zealand oil and gas supply chain companies have a reputation for providing high-tech, safe, reliable, and cost effective solutions.


What New Zealand companies offer

For over 60 years New Zealand companies have worked on major onshore and offshore oil and gas projects in Australasia and around the world. These companies are recognised for their broad range of expertise, from remote video inspection, personnel tracking systems, and aeroplanes, to the design and fabrication of process equipment.

New solutions to challenges
An significant advantage of working with New Zealand companies is their range of interdisciplinary skills, which allows them to find innovative solutions to challenges.

Cost effective
New Zealand engineers deliver worldclass product and service solutions at a competitive, cost effective price. New Zealand companies offer value through a favourable exchange rate, a highly educated labour force, and with lower fixed operating costs.

Flexible and collaborative
New Zealand companies are flexible and renowned for their ability to quickly and accurately solve complex problems. Technical expertise and close collaboration with customers ensure high quality tailored solutions, Iower operational costs and improved output.

Reliable and committed to safety
A commitment to best practice and decades of experience has contributed to the impeccable Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) records of New Zealand oil and gas supply chain companies'. New Zealand engineered solutions comply with the toughest Australian and international quality assurance standards, including the relevant AS/NZS standards and ISO 9001.

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Oil and gas companies

If you are considering New Zealand suppliers for your project, NZTE can connect you with companies best suited to your needs. Find an NZTE office near you.

You can also read about some of the oil and gas supply chain companies operating in New Zealand below.

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