Information and communications technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) companies are among the highest achievers in New Zealand business. They combine 21st century sensibilities with the classic New Zealand characteristics of ingenuity and technical know-how.

Our industry encompasses engineering applications, such as embedded software supporting electronic devices across the spectrum, to high-performing creative industries that include special effects, games and broadcast support software.

Particular international success is being enjoyed in healthcare IT, business applications, 3D digital games and entertainment.

Many companies have established significant and profitable partnerships with some of the largest international industry leaders.

The total exports of Telecommunication, computer, and information services for the year July 2014 to June 2015 were valued at NZ$826 million representing almost 1.2% of all New Zealand exports. Since 2005 total exports of ICT related services (including licenses and royalties) have grown by 42 percent. 

Key facts


  • The computer and information services exports have increased by 138 percent since 2005. 
  • Total exports of computer software for the year July 2014 to June 2015 were valued at NZ$384 million, accounting for 48 percent of all ICT-related exports. 
  • Exports of telecommunications services has fallen by 63 percent since 2005 and were valued NZ$128 million for the year July 2014 to June 2015. 
  • In the year July 2014 to June 2015 New Zealand companies received NZ$181 million in licences and royalties for computer software. 


New Zealand and technology: Smart solutions

Technology is New Zealand’s fastest growing sector. Over the last six years, exports have doubled and at more than $6 billion 2014, it’s the country's third largest export earner behind dairy and tourism.

Significant innovation and investment in established firms and start-ups continues  to increase, creating creative and agile technology companies. As a result, these  companies are fast establishing a presence in tough international markets with smart ideas and solutions.

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