High value manufacturing

New Zealand manufacturers are active in aviation, clean technology, defence, heavy and light engineering, marine, plastics, composites and metals - as well as other industries.

Innovative design, advanced technology and  a focus on research and development have led to an increasing demand for goods and services produced in New Zealand.

A number of New Zealand companies have developed international reputations for flexibility and cost effectiveness, achieved by using short-run production cycles to supply high-value niches internationally.

Total exports of manufacturing sector for the year July 2014 to June 2015 were valued at NZ$9.2 billion representing 19 percent of New Zealand exports in goods and 13.5 percent of all New Zealand exports. 

New Zealand's marine industry sets the benchmark for high performance when it comes to superyacht and launch boat-building technology, especially around composites and design, refits, sails, spars, electronics, technology, software and systems. 

There is also significant capability in the workboat and commercial new-build and refit sectors. This industry is forecasted to more than double exports by 2020.

Similarly, our aviation industry has a reputation for innovation, with new and niche aircraft designs, an active aircraft manufacturing industry, as well as in the areas of new materials and technologies.

New Zealand's training, maintenance and well-connected regulatory environment provide excellent platforms for integrated aviation solutions.

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