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New Zealand has the right conditions and expertise when it comes to creating exceptional food and wine. The country produces a large and growing amount of the raw materials for producing processed foods. It also enjoys growing processed foods exports, particularly products with significant dairy-derived ingredients. 


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    New Zealand has the know-how to take beautifully tasting produce to new levels of freshness and quality.

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    New Zealand's pasture-fed and naturally raised meat has a unique, internationally sought-after flavour.

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    Clear waters produce an abundance of fish and shellfish that are exported to over 70 different countries.

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    Products range from traditional pastries, honey and confectionery to oils, luxury ice creams and organic soups.

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    New Zealand is a premier new-world wine country, producing award-winning wines.

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    The taste of milk products from free-range, grass-fed animals gives New Zealand dairy a full-flavoured natural quality that sets it apart.

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    After the success of New Zealand's wines, our spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverages are being recognised internationally.

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New Zealand's climate, fertile soil and relative isolation make it ideal for almost every kind of production - frem sheep and cattle to cropping and horticulture.

It produces some of the best tasting dairy, meat, fruit, seafood and wine the world has to offer. And, being one of only two countries internationally to export more than half of its total food production, New Zealand really understands how to satisfy quality, flavour and food safety requirements.


New Zealand has a reputation as a trusted supplier of high quality and safe food to consumers in more than 100 countries. 

It sets the highest standards for its food producers to ensure that the country remains a world leader in food safety. Similarly, work is constantly being done to further develop food traceability, from farm to plate. 

Sustainability is a focus across all food-related industries, with each sector working to address its impact areas. In fact, in some cases the low intensity in which we grow and farm means our products can be grown and transported to you at a lower overall environmental impact than what you can buy locally. 

Key facts

  • In the year to June 2015, New Zealand exported US$29 bilion worth of food and beverages, accounting for close to 57 percent of the country's total exports in goods. 
  • New Zealand's top food export is dairy: New Zealand dairy products are sold to more than 45 countries and account for one third of the global dairy trade.
  • The New Zealand wine industry has achieved spectacular growth over the last 40 years, going from NZ$51 million in exports in 1960 to NZ$1.4 billion in 2014. Exports to China have grown by 2,100 percent since 2006.
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